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Sharing the Joy of Photography

Let me tell you more

Photography Training to Inspire 

Having been immersed in the world of photography for the last 23 years with 15 of those years  in teaching photography and being a successful photographer I love nothing more than supporting people on their photography journey.

And let's face it photography isn't as straight forward as we like to think it is!! But when the camera clicks and so does your understanding 'the world of photography' can reveal an exciting and satisfying place full of opportunity and creativity. 

It is important that the learning you undertake is positive, encouraging, supportive, accessible and ultimately helps you to realise the potential you have with your camera!! This is my teaching style and what you will experience when being trained by me.

So hop on board, come and join me for a learning experience that is warm, friendly and full of visual and technical know how for the novice, the amateur and the experienced. 

“Hannah is a fantastic teacher and a fountain of knowledge. She manages to make even the most complex of photography jargon easy to understand and always makes it fun. Classes are easy going, relaxed and very professional. There is no fluff in her delivery and I can’t recommend being in one of her workshops enough”.


Gareth Partington


Photography Walks

Snap, Walk & Chat

SWAC takes place once a month and is an opportunity to walk in the beautiful nature of Warwickshire with your camera, a relaxed and informal community, where chatting and snapping is encouraged and you get to have me as your guide and direct one to one support with your camera, what's not to love! Jump on board

Carter-Orton Photography - ONE DAY PROJECT-1.jpg

2023 SWAC Photography Program for Summer/Autumn

10am-11.30ish once a month on a Sunday 


20th August -  Kenilworth Countryside

17th September -  Long Itchington Greenway

8th October -  Warwickshire woodland 

12th November- Off Church Canal 

10th December- Brandon Reach Marsh area

14th January- Leamington Newbold Terrace area

£13 pay as you go or £66 for all 6 walks!!

Photo Events

Photography Workshops

Creative Workshop Series

The creative workshop series offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a range of photographic practices that encourage and support a natural cycle of photographic production from concept, creation to critique. The workshops will explore technical and visual skills whilst promoting creative expression with your photography!

Carter-Orton Photography - CYANOTYPE  GARDEN FLOWER -1.jpg

Cyanotype Print Making - an Introduction in Person Workshop

This workshop is designed to introduce you to the basic principles of cyanotype printing,  to explore this simple, fun and effective printing method!

The workshop will be based in the beautiful location of East Chase Farm in Kenilworth where we have exclusive use of 'Paint Box Blooms' Flower farm so we can select beautiful blooms to cyanotype!


The workshop will teach you how to mix, apply and print your own cyanotypes with all materials provided for you! Just bring yourself and your enthusiasm.

The course is limited to 5 people

16th September 10am-12pm 

£65 PP, includes all materials, access to flower farm, refreshments

Carter-Orton Photography - CYANOTYPE 23-1.jpg

The Journey

Let's go on a journey with our photography and explore everything from intention, creation and production.

This workshop will encourage you to create a 'one day photography project of 20 images ' where you have the option to create a printed photozine which is simply a sequence of photographs that may explore a theme, narrative or project. The printed material is much like a magazine hence the 'zine'.


The workshop will encourage you to explore ideas around a subject/theme/genre that interests you that you might not have had chance to fully realise. It is designed to help you to be inspired, to create and produce photography  with consideration of the role of the photograph and the relationship between photographer and subject.

Coming in 2024

Carter-Orton Photography - ONE DAY PROJECT-25.jpg

A Sense of Place

Let's immerse ourselves in a beautiful Warwickshire woodland during the Autumn season, explore and connect to the environment to capture 'a sense of place'

This workshop will encourage you to use a range of camera skills and techniques to push your creativity in capturing your experience of a place and how you ultimately decide to capture this on the camera!

I will guide and support you in using creative composition, a range of camera settings and techniques including long exposures, depth of field, and bracketing.

The workshop will include an online introduction and opportunity for review of the photographs you create

23rd October 6pm-6.30pm online introduction FREE

29th October 10am-12pm Woodland workshop 

6th November 6pm-7pm online review/reflection



Carter-Orton Photography - ONE DAY PROJECT-19.jpg

Workshop Details

Long Exposure Night Walk in Leamington Autumn 2023 £50pp

Join me on a night walk to explore the world of slow shutter speeds, manipulating ambient light and producing creative compositions. Essential gear: a camera, a tripod and you!

 Join me online via zoom for a half an hour chat to prepare for the night shoot discussing equipment and technical settings  free

Meet me online via zoom for top editing tips using Lightroom to edit your night shoots! You will have the opportunity to send me one of your images for me to edit! £25pp

Carter-Orton Photography - NIGHT WALK-1.jpg

Interactive Talks

Cyanotype Print Making - an Introduction

This interactive online workshop is designed to introduce you to the basic principles of cyanotype printing taking you from the history of the process, the equipment needed through to step by step instruction to help you create your own cyanotypes along with references to inspirational cyanotype photographers/artists and the creative possibilities of the technique!


Let me take you back to the early beginnings of Photography, to explore this simple, fun and effective printing method and to inspire you to consider how you can use this lensless photography in a digital world! 


This workshop will be recorded so you can easily follow the step by step instructions for print making along with references to where you can source and buy the resources needed for creating a cyanotype. 

Royal Photographic Society online talk 19th Aug 2023

Carter-Orton Photography - CYANOTYPE  GARDEN FLOWER -3.jpg

The Story Behind the Portrait

This talk is based on my family photography with a focus on the skills and techniques used to create intimate and authentic portraits, from prep, shoot to edit!

I will be demonstrating through Lightroom how you can create your own presets and personal style.

There will be opportunities for Q&A and of course an essential cuppa!!

If you would love for me to deliver this talk to your club/association either online or in person please get in touch!

Club talk sessions from £75-£100

Carter-Orton Photography - TILLEY FAMILY SPRING-2.jpg



One to One Tuition/Mentoring

Having taught and tutored a huge variety of Photography specialisms over 15 years, it is joyous to support that all important photo journey you are on!


Photography tuition is an excellent option for you if you need specific guidance and support on building knowledge and confidence within an area of photography you might be struggling with, want more clarity, or to develop a deeper understanding!


The benefit of one to one tuition is that it is tailored specifically to you, we can have a chat prior to your tuition journey so I can ensure you get exactly what you want from the experience. All tuition will include some helpful guidance notes that can be used to recap, refresh and study beyond the tuition time.


Depending on photography requirements tuition can take place online or in person within Warwickshire, we can even incorporate practical photography elements to solidify the learning. Alternatively I can visit you in your home or at a location mutually agreed. 


Tuition can be booked for 1hr and up to 2hrs for each session. There is no limit to the amount of sessions you book or minimum requirement,


I am happy to advise an amount of sessions I think you may require based on your photography needs.


Book as many as you like and we can tailor the times, duration and dates that suit you and your 

photography. I look forward to helping all things photography!

This investment is £50 per hour, £75 1hour and half and £100 for 2 hours.

Examples of Tuition Subjects

Lightroom Training

Improving and strengthening composition

Editing and refining your photography

Setting up a photography business

Using and controlling flash off camera

Camera gear guidance

Confidence in using your camera 





  • What should I expect from a typical in person workshop?
    Before your workshop date you will be contacted by email, where I will send you all the essential info you need for the day of your workshop, I will include a list of what equipment you may need to bring, suitable clothing for the location and that all important post code address and any other little details I think you need to know!
  • What should I expect from a typical online zoom workshop
    You will receive an email before your workshop date, where I will send you essential info on what you will need for the workshop, how to send images to me prior to the session (if we are using own images) and that all important zoom link
  • What do we do on the workshop?
    Each workshop is different but in general we always begin with a brief chat if only for a few minutes so we can all say hello and I can discuss the aims of the session, typically a workshop will begin with theory based content with opportunities to discuss ideas and theories, followed by practical application either online through Lightroom or in person on location. As we move through the workshop there will be the chance for toilet breaks and refreshments along with interim reflections and reviews of progress, to help develop further exploration and finally we end with a summary and next steps with what you have gained from the workshop!
  • What if it rains or one of us is poorly?
    Living in the UK we are challenged by the weather and it’s unpredictable nature!! A little drizzle is ok, if I deem the weather to be too unsuitable we will reschedule! And find another perfect date for us all! Nobody wants to be taking photographs when they are ill, if you are able to notify me a week before the workshop I can transfer your payment to another workshop of your choice equal to the amount paid or you can pay the difference if it is higher than your original booked workshop. If you can only give me 48hrs notice or less I cannot give a refund due to limited time to fill the available space.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Absolutely! I have you and me fully covered, I have both liability and indemnity insurance I also hold a DBS Certificate
  • What should I expect from a typical talk
    As an experienced speaker I bring with me a warm, relaxed approach with a touch of laughter! You will find talks are informative, and typically explore theories, ideas and concepts, followed by practical and useful tips and tricks to aid improvement and refinement of photography skills, depending on the talk there may also be practical demonstration such as Lightroom live editing. There will always be that all important break for refreshment and the opportunities for Q&A!
  • What do I do once I have my photographs?
    I love our digital world, I really do but there is nothing better than the world in print!! You invested time in creating beautiful imagery so why hide it away!! I offer high quality, professional printing options for those of you wanting to have your work printed! And I can discuss with you the variety of printing products available.

Here are the most frequently asked questions.
If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please Reach Out

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